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GLPI 9.4.1 ready to go…

We are happy to announce the release of GLPI 9.4.1: bugfixes. This release fixes several security issues that have been recently discovered. Update is strongly recommended. To read the full post and download the release, please go to the website: You’ll find below the changes of these bugfixes versions: [security] Bad chevrons rendering on dropdowns [security] Iframe and forms are rendered in rich text contents [security] Type juggling authentication bypass [security] Malicious images upload [security]

GLPI 9.4 ready to go…

GLPI ITSM 9.4 SOFTWARE VERSION IS READY TO GO! Thanks to the support of users and programmers who downloaded and tested the demo version, they helped to find errors, solve problems. Together, we create better software for easy management of IT infrastructure. See the most important changes in the system: GLPI 9.4.0 The most important changes: enriched search filters changing the search window in the knowledge base time records for changes and problems creating a