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The next SGH job fair in Warsaw / Poland on 16-17 April 2019 We have accepted the invitation and we will promote the “no-office” culture in the SGH students’ environment.

We promote startup culture and encourage young entrepreneurs to look at work from a different perspective. Work without an office.


  • GLPI system demonstration as a time and task management tool,
  • methodology of time management and tasks of employees in a distributed environment,
  • employee’s philosophy and profile in “remote” mode,
  • benefits and threats for the company in the “no-office” system,
  • what you will gain thanks to the implementation and work with the GLPI system in the company,
  • what problems you will eliminate,
  • how long the transformation takes and what you can achieve,

Meet 99NET GLPI Support at SGH and find out how to run a company in a distributed work environment using the GLPI system.

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